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Review of ads published in the New Year's Day 2021

~ Advertising copy trends seen in New Year's newspaper ads ~

No.009|B.Copy review|B-003

SUN-PYOU means evaluation and brief comment.
New Year's advertising copy is also "Next Normal"

January 1, 2021. In the usual year, it is on the newspaper of the beginning of the year where advertisement copies with bright and gorgeous tones are lined up, but in the new year of 2021, advertisement copies that were conscious of the COVID-19 pandemic were conspicuous.

Although it is Tokyo and three prefectures, the state of emergency (the period is from the 8th of the same month to the 7th of the following month) was announced on January 7th, early in the new year. It is natural that the number of advertising copies that are conscious of new lifestyles and working styles, so-called new normal and next normal, will increase.

New Year's advertising copy showing the enthusiasm of the year

The New Year's advertising copy is especially prone to the enthusiasm of companies and organizations that year. The newspaper advertisement published on New Year's Day 2021 also showed many such trends.

The new year of 2021 has clearly changed the situation. What kind of enthusiasm did companies and organizations send out? Like last year's New Year (where the epidemic of the novel coronavirus infection was never expected), the 2021 New Year will routinely attempt to review memorable ad copies.

* The commentary is our imagination with reference to the editing and projects related to the past, and is not conclusive.

* The italics in the shading frame are quoted. In no particular order. Titles omitted.

Image: JAMA's Advertising Copy.

* Source: January 1, 2009 (Friday) / Yomiuri Shimbun / Morning edition 14-15 pages (double-page spread advertisement)

Review of JAMA's Advertising Copy

2020 was supposed to be a big move, especially in Japan.

At the beginning of the body copy, while reminiscent of the postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics,

"Move" is the fundamental desire of us human beings.

And strongly appealed to human beings' fundamental desires,

There are 5.5 million people working in the Japanese automobile industry.

By presenting the numbers, I was impressed by the overwhelming number of people involved,

Everyone is a big team that supports the "movement" of this country. How powerful would it be if the thoughts of these 5.5 million people were united?

With a positive imagination that resonates with the reader,

A new daily life is not about stopping. Take a new path in a new way.

It is strongly stated that we will move forward without stopping as we spend our already-recognized "new daily life".

The message of JAMA is "We move"

The main copy of "We move" that was put up over the spread is naturally read not only by JAMA, which is the narrator, but also by reading the body copy of "Human fundamental desires". The hints have been recovered, and "We move" Is structured so that the reader can take it as it is.

In terms of copywriting, by adding a verbal tone of "JA-NAI (means politely tone of "is not")" instead of "DE-HA-NAI (means frankly tone of "is not")" that makes you feel a strong determination, you can feel both strength and flank. I like it.

In addition, the concrete numbers (5.5 million people) not only have an impact, but also have the effect of making it easier for readers to imagine how powerful they will be. However, I was worried about the fact that I had a hard time adjusting the number of copywriters and the number of 5.5 million people.

Image: DAIWA HOUSE's Advertising Copy.

* Source: January 1, 2009 (Friday) / Yomiuri Shimbun / Morning edition 16 pages (full-page advertisement)

Review of DAIWA HOUSE's Advertising Copy

Joy, anger, sadness, enjoyment.
How precious is the obvious thing.

At the beginning of the body copy, he began to talk about the four emotions and their preciousness in a monologue,

A new way of working and living.
To a life that makes really important things important.

And, by making everything in HIRAGANA notation (so-called "HIRAKU means like open") (in the second line quoted above), the only KANJI notation (so-called "TOJIRU means like close") "life" is visually highlighted,

To bring up new joy and freedom together with you,
who take a step toward a new day.

In addition to unifying the writing at the beginning of both sentences and emphasizing "new",

With you, with you, with you.

together. Create together. live together. Daiwa House Group.

After impressing "you" that was repeated three times like the main copy, with the group message "Create together. Live together.", While tying the body copy,

Grow a new life
Let's grow a new life

The whole thing is closed with a catch copy.

The message of DAIWA HOUSE is "Grow a new life together"

The group message "Create together. Live together" tied with a body copy resonates with the catch copy "Let's grow a new life" so that we can receive "We will grow a new life with you". It has a structure.

In terms of copywriting, both the main copy at the beginning and the end of the body copy can be written in HIRAGANA notation for all the parts that you want to convey, such as "with you", "really important", and "together". Not only is it soft, but it also has a more noticeable effect.

Image: HAKONE EKIDEN's Advertising Copy.

* Source: January 1, 2009 (Friday) / Yomiuri Shimbun / Morning edition 17 pages

Review of HAKONE EKIDEN's Advertising Copy

I want to support you,
so I can't support you.
Please avoid going out for watching games or cheering.

A copy sent as the organizer of "HAKONE EKIDEN" in a situation where there are no spectators and the number of people is forced to shrink significantly at various events such as sports. The reverse expressions "I want to" and "I can't go" catch my eye for a moment, but when I read the copy that follows "Please refrain from going out for watching or cheering", you can understand the sentence. It is a configuration.

The message of HAKONE EKIDEN is "Avoid going out"

Although it is an advertisement for people to watch "HAKONE EKIDEN", the organizer's request "Please avoid going out" may be the message you want to appeal to most, or it may be a reminder.

In terms of copywriting, it is written at the top of the supporting companies in the lower row,

We support the "97th HAKONE EKIDEN" through the program.

I like the composition that gives the impression that the sponsoring companies are also appealing together to "Avoid going out".



Image: SEIKO Advertising Copy.

* Source: January 1, 2009 (Friday) / Yomiuri Shimbun / Morning edition 19 pages (full-page advertisement)

Review of SEIKO Advertising Copy

In a world where many things
are trying to separate us,

At the beginning of the body copy, They appealed for the current situation forced by the COVID-19 pandemic,

I think that only time
may be equal to everyone.
I think it may be something
that can connect you with you far away.

And, after expressing a universal imagination like our company that is deeply involved in "time",

If so, if all that time
was a gentle time.
I want that
one minute to be a minute to laugh with someone,
not a minute to hurt someone.
I want that
one second to be a second that cares for me,
not a second that blames me.

I hope that it will be a "time" with laughter and kindness,

By accumulating the gentle minutes and seconds,
I think this world can gradually acquire kindness.

And show the way of thinking that brings hope to the present world that is about to lose its kindness.

Because time is you.

After sending an ale to the reader with a message that reminds me, "I am the time I have lived so far",

Gentle time.

And, it is tied with the main copy.

The message of SEIKO's is "Gentle time"

The keyword "time" is used to create a message that will grab the reader's heart. Not only does the reader affirm that "the time he has lived is himself", but the reader can accept that the time he is himself is "gentle time".

In terms of copywriting, there is a sense of unity and rhythm like poetry in the body copy, such as "I think it may be" and "I want you to be, not". Even if the text is a little long as an advertisement, it can be said to be a good example of copywriting that can be read naturally to the end by considering the sense of unity and rhythm.

Image: OBAYASHIGUMI Advertising Copy.

* Source: January 1, 2009 (Friday) / Yomiuri Shimbun / Morning edition 28 pages (full-page advertisement)

Review of OBAYASHIGUMI Advertising Copy

The history of mankind is the history of making.
Constraints, common sense, aspirations.
People have overcome
various things by making.

At the beginning of the body copy, we look back on the history that people have made,

Now that the times are about to change.
We will recreate what we make.
I will continue to open up possibilities while always asking questions.

While reminiscent of the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, he stated that he would "change" and "continue to develop",

The world is uncertain and increasing in complexity.

After citing the current issues,

The power we have cultivated so far
should be the driving force for realizing something
we have never seen before. Because making is always more than something.
Going beyond the framework of construction, we will open up new areas.

We are proclaiming that we will go beyond that while accumulating the achievements we have cultivated.

The message of OBAYASHIGUMI's is "Remake"

The title copy (heading) "Make to Remake" in the body copy (text) is a the reverse expressions introduced in the previous "HAKONE EKIDEN", but in this case, it is the better rather than keeping an eye on it. It has a structure that corresponds to the main copy "MAKE BEYOND" in the lower row, and delivers the message "Overcome the achievements that have been made so far" to the reader.

In terms of copywriting, as a construction company, any of the notations "make", "create", and "build" can be used, but while using the HIRAGANA notation as "TSUKURU (means like make)", at first glance it may deny everything up to now. I feel the strength of that determination when I dare to use these expression.



Image: CANON Advertising Copy.

* Source: January 1, 2009 (Friday) / Yomiuri Shimbun / Morning edition 38 pages (full-page advertisement)

Review of CANON Advertising Copy

Speaking of Canon, it's a camera.
That image of the world is
an irreplaceable asset for us.

At the beginning of the body copy, we take pride in our image that everyone has,

It is applied to a wide range of fields
that support society, such as security, commercial printing, medical care, and industrial equipment.

And convey the area that expands further from that image, citing four cases,

CANON's imaging technology is indispensable for
solving diversifying social issues
and enriching people's lives.

And, while linking the previous four cases with our technological capabilities that take pride in the image of the camera,

We will "visualize" things
and things that we couldn't see before.
Canon's renewal will
open up the next future.

And, instead of "evolution", They declare that we will open up the future by using the word "renewal" that does not exist linguistically.

The message of Canon's is "Renewal"

Speaking of Canon, it is a familiar catch copy "make it possible with canon", but here we adopt the phrase "renewal" and aim for further improvement, "not only making it possible, but also becoming new". I feel this kind of message, and I have high expectations for our potential toward 2021.

Rather than copywriting, the composition is based on the concept of "seeing" the image of the camera. "Seeing" in daily life, "watching" in games and art, "seeing" in monitoring and analysis, "diagnosing" in diagnosis and nursing, the breadth of our field dealing with imaging technology is smart. I am telling you in an easy-to-understand manner.


Keywords used in 2021 New Year ad copy

When line up in this way, except for ➌ HAKONE EKIDEN, which is close to alerting, the copy group (➊ JAMA, ➎ OBAYASHIGUMI, ➏ CANON) feels positive and powerful, while the copy group (➋ Daiwa House Industry, ➍ SEIKO) feels close and connected. It can be roughly divided (I'm sorry that there are few sources).

In the "Review of ads published in the COVID-19 pandemic" that I covered earlier in this blog, positive copies like the former such as "change", "advance", "new", "challenge" were lined up, but the new year of 2021 Then, I was impressed with the copy that changed from the previous tone that feels closeness and connection like the latter.

Believe that it will be a more developed world

In any case, as a matter of course, the reader who became positive and kind from the New Year by touching the copy that puts out a positive and cuddly attitude without inciting a sense of fear or crisis I'm not the only one.

2021. While flexibly accepting new ways of living and working, self-restraint and restrictions are gradually relaxed and resolved, and not only are the suffering people saved as soon as possible, but the world has become more developed than ever before. I sincerely hope that the days when so many people can come in contact with each other and laugh will return.



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