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Review of ads published in the COVID-19 pandemic

~ New common sense of advertising copy conscious of "with coronavirus" ~

No.007|B.Copy review|B-002

JOU-SHIKI means common sense, general, ordinary and normal.
Society and daily life that have changed drastically due to the COVID-19 pandemic

The spread of the novel coronavirus continues. 2020 April 7 emergency declaration has been issued to the (fire), the declaration of the cancellation of the same May 25 (Monday) , but has been, well into July It should be noted that the infected people number in the center of Tokyo is There is no sign of interruption, and the situation is still unpredictable.

As these various keywords born and permeated by the COVID-19 pandemic pandemic, such as stay home, social distance, telework, remote meetings, online drinking parties, remote matches, before coronavirus, after coronavirus, with coronavirus, and new normal, society and everyday life Has changed a lot.

Advertising copy with awareness of with coronavirus

The projects and projects that we are involved in will be in the field of commercial copywriting, so-called sales promotion and sales copy, which promotes sales and recognition of things and things, but according to the social situation that has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Consideration for communication is increasing even in the field.

In recent years, most of the media we are involved in are digital media, mainly the web, but paper media has also begun to show communication that is conscious of the the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taking newspaper advertisements that represent such paper media as an example, we focused on the advertisement copy that was posted from the end of June to the beginning of July 2020 and was conscious of after coronavirus and with coronavirus, and the "new common sense" of the future advertisement expression, that is, Let's take a "new normal" communication style in advance, or consider whether we can get some notice, but it seems to be a little hurdle.

* The commentary is our imagination with reference to the edits and projects related to the past, and is not conclusive.

* The italics in the shading frame are quoted parts, and the slash (/) is the actual line break part. Titles omitted. In order of publication date.


ENEOS newspaper advertisement

Image: ENEOS newspaper advertisement.

* Source: June 26, 2008 (Friday) / Yomiuri Shimbun / Morning edition 5 pages (full-page advertisement)

Review of ENEOS Newspaper Advertising

The environmental and social issues we are facing now are next to the evolution of the times.

From the first line of the body copy, it starts with "DADE-ARU style" (like a straight wording), and without direct expression, while being aware of the social situation of the COVID-19 pandemic,

Supporting people who are trying their best to move forward ~
Delivering peace of mind to everyday life ~

Two things that the company can do are clearly stated,

So we never stop changing.
In mobility services, life support, and energy services, 
we will enhance local services and contribute to the creation of 
people-friendly city.

While proclaiming powerfully,

Do to the future! ENEOS.

With the catchphrase,

New changes one after another.

It is the end of the sentence.

ENEOS's keyword is "change"

It is conceivable that the subject of the advertisement is the recognition that the brand name has been changed from the JXTG group to the ENEOS group, but we can see the corporate attitude of appealing for "change" that is conscious of after coronavirus and with coronavirus.

In terms of copywriting, As kown as "TONE-MANA" (tone and manners) up to the middle stage is "DADE-ARU style", and in the second half, "DESU-MASU style" (like a polite wording) is adopted. TONE-MANA is generally unified into one type, but when two types coexist, the impression of the last TONE-MANA (in this example, "DESU-MASU style") naturally remains as an impression after reading.


TOYOTA newspaper advertisement

Image: TOYOTA newspaper advertisement.

* Source: Saturday, June 27, 2008 / Yomiuri Shimbun / Morning edition 6 pages (full-page advertisement)

Review of TOYOTA Newspaper Advertising

What can we do for happiness?

Ask yourself in the third line of the body copy,

An irreplaceable word, / an irreplaceable person, / an irreplaceable one,

While giving things that make me feel the beginning of happiness,

Help anyone in need. / Think about how to make the person in front of you smile. / Think of the happiness of others as your own happiness. / Give power for people.

And, honestly answering specific actions that will benefit happiness,

I want to connect more with people. / I want to be serious about the effort for that.

A strong desire was expressed, as if he was aware of the social situation of the COVID-19 pandemic,

For an irreplaceable day in this town.

And while collecting the "irreplaceable" matters mentioned in the first half by the matter of "one day",

TOYOTA goes with that idea.

Is clearly declared.

TOYOTA's keyword is "advance"

A message that reminds us that one word, one person, one unit, one day (I like the notation unified with "one") and that the common thing is "irreplaceable" under the social situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. Asa corporate stance, we are clarifying that we will "advance" for an "irreplaceable day".

In terms of copywriting, or advertising method, Akio Toyoda, the president of a large global company, has adopted some common handwriting and handwriting. It plays a role in creating a sense of intimacy.

While ENEOS, which I mentioned earlier, describes it as a "city" that reminds us of a group of buildings and shining neon lights, TOYOTA describes it as a "town" that reminds us of a town or neighborhood. It may be helping to give.


SEKISUI HOUSE newspaper advertisement

Image: SEKISUI HOUSE newspaper advertisement.

* Source: June 28, 2008 (Sun) / Yomiuri Shimbun / Morning edition 5 pages (full-page advertisement)

Review of SEKISUI HOUSE Newspaper Advertising

Thinking about teleworking and staying days that I have noticed

I began to talk straight about my thoughts and awareness that I had reached in the days that would obviously be under the social situation of the COVID-19 pandemic,

For example, eating, cooking,
talking, cleaning up, everyone

I took it for granted

Confessing to reflect on the unawareness so far,

Thinking again I have a family
I have a couple, I have children, I'm in this house

It ’s important, but it ’s always been the case
I'm sure the days to come will be more so

And, depending on the social situation of the COVID-19 pandemic (to make you feel), I recognized the important thing again,

There is no other place like this in the world
There is no other place
like this mysterious and happy

With a strong conviction of "a happy place"

When you get home, SEKISUI HOUSE.

That is the usual name catch phrase, and it concludes.

SEKISUI HOUSE's keyword is "to new days"

"To new days" at the beginning, accompanied by a message that reminds us that "a happy place is a family or a house" triggered by telework or stay home. From this headline, you can feel the positive attitude of companies trying to live in a new style under the social life of after coronavirus and with coronavirus.

In terms of copywriting, from headings ("to new days") to body copies ("thoughts-nothing else"), no punctuation marks are used, and full-width spaces are inserted instead of commas (,). it's the point that is. It is a poetic technique that has the effect of making it easier to see, and is often seen in subtitles of Western movies.


LOTTE newspaper advertisement

image: LOTTE newspaper advertisement.

* Source: June 29, 2008 (Monday) / Nihon Keizai Shimbun / 38 pages (full-page advertisement)

Review of LOTTE Newspaper Advertising

Spread of social distance
and remote.

And, directly touching the social situation of the COVID-19 pandemic,

In a new lifestyle
where people are separated from each other

While citing the new issue of "distance" that is forced by a new lifestyle,

I would be happy if I could make sweets and ice cream
to help bring my heart closer.

"I wish I could help bring the distance between my hearts closer," said sweets and ice cream.

Happiness that is always reachable.
One thing you can do for sweets and ice cream.

And, while anthropomorphizing sweets and ice cream, they are ending gently.

LOTTE's keyword is "distance between hearts"

It suddenly reminds us that sweets and ice cream bring the spiritual "distance between hearts" closer to the issue of "physical distance" that is imposed by after coronavirus and with coronavirus. "I'm glad if I can help you," I like the profane narrative tone.

In terms of copywriting, since it is a manufacturer represented by gum and chocolate, it seems that it is okay to just write "sweets", but the point that "ice" or "ice" is also written. I'm not the only reader who actually bought it. Of course, the name tagline "OKUCHI NO KOIBITO" (means like "lover for mouth"), which everyone recalls the company name, is also attached.


SONY LIFE newspaper advertisement

Image: SONY LIFE newspaper advertisement.

* Source: June 30, 2008 (Tuesday) / Yomiuri Shimbun / Morning edition 5 pages (full-page advertisement)

Review of SONY LIFE Newspaper Advertising

I'm starting "remote consulting".

And, with the start of the service with the "remote" that has penetrated completely in the COVID-19 pandemic, with the headline,

In addition to the face-to-face meeting so far,
it is now possible to do it remotely.

While touching on the contents of the new service,

It is an advanced remote system with the same quality
and peace of mind as face-to-face consulting.

And here, too, appealing the features while bearing the "remote",

Sony Life's life planner is taking on the next challenge.

And, by acting forward of the company's life planner, it is ending.

SONY LIFE's keyword is "next challenge"

The start of a new service that evolved the traditional style of face-to-face is not just a symptomatic treatment for the COVID-19 pandemic, but the company's view of after coronavirus and with coronavirus while giving a feeling of new possibilities in life plans. The line of sight gives the impression that it is already directed to the "next challenge".

In terms of copywriting, in addition to the fact that the word "remote", which was thought to have already been recognized by the COVID-19 pandemic, was added with the kind supplement of "it's means being away", also the former "insurance agent" was "insurance officer". The name "life planner" reminds us that it has completely changed the solid image of life insurance, and I like it.


KUREHA newspaper advertisement

Image: KUREHA newspaper advertisement.

* Source: June 30, 2008 (Tuesday) / Yomiuri Shimbun / Morning edition 14 pages (full-page advertisement)

Review of KUREHA Newspaper Advertising

Now that double-income and telecommuting are widespread,

While touching the social situation of the COVID-19 pandemic,

The idea of ​​"doing it together"
rather than "which one will do" is also spreading among couples.

Even in the case of the COVID-19 pandemic, they suggested that there is a wide range of ideas between couples that dare to shorten the sense of distance,

I was a little late to notice,
but give ale to those who have begun to move positively.
Respect for the people who accept it,
even though they still feel nervous.

With a message that pushes each person's back, the person who started to move, the person who accepts it,

In a world where each other respects and supports each other more.

With an earnest wish,

beside the ever-evolving

And, along with the product photo of the company's representative product "KURERAP".

KUREHA's keyword is "continue to evolve"

Not only does the message that the couple's sense of distance (rather than change or degeneration) "continue to evolve" feel fresh in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also the message that "a world where each other respects and supports each other more." Isn't it a wish that is widely sympathized with the current social situation.

In terms of copywriting,

  • Paradox: "was delayed - I, " and "feel- while, "

  • HIRAGANA: " I began to move - a forward-looking person -to " and " us accept - people - to "

  • Rhyme: " Ale to " & " Respect for "

I am very impressed with the fact that we respond in detail, which is one of the considerations that we pay particular attention to.


Google newspaper advertisement

Image: Google newspaper advertisement.

* Source: Wednesday, July 1, 2008 / Yomiuri Shimbun / Morning edition 5 pages (full-page advertisement)

Review of Google Newspaper Advertising

"Small business" will create
the future of the town.

Under the heading,

And change is happening. Inevitably, be flexible.

And, using the following "restaurant takeout", "factory online", and "yoga lessons at home" as examples, while listing the various changes that are occurring in the COVID-19 pandemic,

From now on, new days will appear. It's actually already started.

Calmly stated,

In a town where "small businesses" are connected in a wider variety of ways.
Let's make it from now on. More on Google.

And, to collect the heading at the beginning.

Google's keyword is "make the future"

Taking the changes created by the COVID-19 pandemic as an example, each small business that lives in such a small daily life connects the towns, and with the message "make the future" , the appearance of new daily life is clearly stated. You can see the uniqueness of Google, which has created many innovative "futures".

In terms of copywriting, the notation "town" that TOYOTA mentioned earlier and the "small business" that Google appeals are compatible. Also, maybe because you can impress all the images of "make" , "create", and "build", there may be some intention in the notation "make".


New normal keyword group that can be seen from each company

Change (ENEOS)

advance (TOYOTA)

To new days (SEKISUI HOUSE)

distance between hearts (LOTTE)

Next Challenge (SONY LIFE)

Continue to evolve (KUREHA)

make the future (Google)

By arranging the keywords of each company in this way, you can feel a message that goes through somewhere in the advertisement of any company.

"Change", "advance", "new", "distance", "challenge", "to evolve", and "future".

Neither is a new word, but in the after coronavirus and with coronavirus societies, these words may be used more and more as keywords for new normal communication styles, which may be a little exaggerated.

A great saying that predicted the COVID-19 pandemic

"The species that survive is neither the strongest nor the most intelligent. The species that is most adaptable to change survives."

* Reference: June 4, 2008 (Thursday) / IT media Business Online / Mechanism to change to a "strong company". Change adaptability required by the novel coronavirus

It's maybe just me who feels that a great saying that Charles Darwin, known for "evolution", left behind are somehow similar to the keywords used by each of the companies mentioned above.


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