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Naming of Japan's novel coronavirus support system

~ Support? Benefits? Grant? think of difficult government terminology ~


MEI-MEI means naming.
Birth of the new Suga Cabinet

The Liberal Democratic Party presidential election announced with the resignation of Prime Minister Abe was voted on Monday, September 14, 2020, and Yoshihide Suga was the 26th president and 99th president. Elected as the Prime Minister. The new cabinet is required to respond promptly to urgent issues such as measures against novel coronavirus and economic revitalization.

Notice. Urgent. Quick. Well, all of them seem to be understood from the text (JIZURA, means like face of texts), but I have the impression that I don't get any information about them, probably because of these "terminology" that I don't use much in the commercial copywriting business that I am involved in.

Difficult to understand "government terminology"

It has been a long time since it was said to be politically alienated, but these "political terminology" that frequently appear in the media and are not used in everyday life may be one of the factors behind political alienation.

On the other hand, in the official procedures at government offices that are closely related to our lives, which are decided by politics, we see so called "office terms", but if you do not understand the meaning, you should give up the procedure. Yes, we can't give up the procedure.

Therefore, I feel that people are forced to walk up to the other side of the government and read comprehension, such as "What does this mean?" And "What does this mean?". Hmm.

"Terminology" seen in the COVID-19 pandemic

The other day, the government launched a " special flat-rate benefit " as a countermeasure against the novel coronavirus, and the confusion in the application became a hot topic, but it seems that it is pointed out that the difficult-to-understand "terminology" are confusing.

In the first place, the word "benefit" itself is not used much in daily life, so it seems necessary to understand it again. So, let's focus on the "terminology" that you see in the support system for measures against the novel coronavirus, which seems to be the subject of the Words category, and consider what you have noticed.


List of the novel coronavirus countermeasure support system in Japan (excerpt)

With the spread of the novel coronavirus infection, various support systems have been launched mainly by the government. I will briefly pick up here, including the support system that has already ended.

* In no particular order. Links are from the official source as much as possible (including some releases, PDF materials, articles, etc.).

* The text is displayed as an HTML table tag instead of an image so that it can be copied. Since it is my own work, I can not handle it until it is responsive, and the display is broken on the smartphone, so please see it on the PC version.


"Naming" of the support system whose contents are difficult to distinguish at a glance

How is it?

I picked up only a part, but can you tell at a glance what kind of support you have from the "naming" of the support system for the novel coronavirus countermeasures.

<Support content>

  • Which support system applies to you.

  • What is the support system for.

<Target person>

  • It's for corporations?

  • It's for self-employed?

  • It's for an individual?

<With or without refund>

  • No refund required?

  • Need a refund?

<Loan details>

  • Is it interest-free?

  • Is it interest-bearing but cheap?

  • Is it interest-bearing and general interest rate?

  • Should I refund in the first place?

<Exemption content>

  • Is public money payment totally exempt?

  • Is public money payment reduced?

  • Is it a grace period for public money payment?

Hmm. As an applicant, many questions such as those mentioned above can be raised.

Since it is difficult to distinguish from the "naming" of the support system, after all, "from this side of the people, walk up to the other side of the government office", read and understand the details of each support system, and then proceed if applicable. I feel very stressed as I proceed.

Apparently, the "government terminology" used in the "name" of these support systems can be said to be one of the causes of such stress.

Copywriting called "naming"

Anyway, in the world of commercial copywriting such as company naming, product naming, service naming, website naming, campaign naming, corner naming, etc., there is a copywriting production called "naming".

For example, when the official naming is a number or alphabet for production control, the scope of naming production is also the naming such as end user or consumer, that is, pet name (means nickname) named for consumers or sales promotion. It's too.

Naming in one word is not just a reason to name it simply by puns and feelings (although it may be established by itself), but "content, intention, advantages, etc. are expressed" and "familiarity" of the naming target. Various factors such as "easy to remember" and "easy to remember" should be reflected and resolved, but "transmitting" is the most important factor in the first place.

Understand the "government terminology" used for naming

In any case, it is difficult to distinguish the contents from the "naming" of the support system mentioned above, and it seems that it is not very good for naming.

A common solution is to give pet naming to insurance products that are difficult to explain, such as "SESERAGI" (means creek) or "OHZORA" (means big sky) (mystery). but even if you name it in the support system, it seems to be confusing.

In a situation where there are so many support systems (although each one is a thankful system), at least "this side, which is a citizen, also walks up from that side, which is a government office," is kind enough to make it easier to determine the content of support. I want you to give it a naming. However, It can't afford to change it anymore.

Here is one of the "government terminology" used in the naming of the support system in order to know the support system that corresponds to you, "from this side of the people to the other side of the government office". It seems that we need to understand the meaning again.

"Government terminology" used in the naming of the corona countermeasure support system

Now, let's take a look at the "government terminology" that is actually used in the naming of the support system listed in the previous section.

  • Benefits

  • Subsidy

  • Subsidy

  • Support money

  • Allowance

  • Lending

  • Exemption

  • Exemption

  • Grace

  • Warranty

  • Special case

  • system

  • business

Yes, a factor that makes it difficult to distinguish the content from the naming of the support system. After all, it's safe to say that these "government terminology" are unfamiliar to us in our daily lives (although it's just a naming perspective). Moreover, similar terms are lined up in each case, and I can't tell the difference.

Speaking of which, the census is being conducted once every five years at this time, but this "national census" is probably a "government terminology" that doesn't come to mind.

* Census: The momentum, situation, and power of the country. The overall state of the country's population, industry, resources, etc. / Reference: Digital Daijisen (Shogakukan) and others

Therefore, the "official term" actually used in the naming of the support system will be considered below from the perspective of "this side of the people" while re-understanding the meaning of the word. Let's do it.


Explanation of "government terminology" used for naming the support system

* For the literal meanings below, refer to Daijisen (Shogakukan) , Weblio Japanese Dictionary (Weblio), etc.

* The content of each support system is not determined based on the consideration from a literal point of view.

* For details, please check the official website of each support system.

➊ Type to get (about public money)

Image: palms of both hands.

  1. Benefits: To provide (be provided) money or goods.

  2. Assistance: To make up for the missing part and help (be helped).

  3. Subsidies: To provide (be provided) mainly financial assistance so that business and research can be developed and completed.

  4. Support: Supporting others, helping others, and helping (be helped) in terms of labor and money.

  5. Allowance: Labor compensation, expenses, care, and celebrations.

Literally, it means like 1. = "payment", 2. = "complement", 3. = "auxiliary", 4. = "cheering", 5. = "tip". Therefore, if "money" is attached to these and they are referred to as "benefit", "subsidy", "subsidy", "support money", and "allowance", unless otherwise stated, maybe you can imagine it as "money you can get" or "money you don't need to return", It about public money.

* In the same terms, "scholarship", "sponsorship", "help" (expenses / fees), etc. (detailed in the latter part), "get" and "return" are all cases. So it is a good idea to check each time.


➋ Type to borrow or pay (about public money)

Image: hands to get Japanese bills, coins and receipts.

  1. Lending: To lending (getting a loan) funds, goods, and rights.

  2. Reduction and exemption: To be reduced or lighten and to be exempted.

  3. Exemption: To have the debt extinguished.

  4. Grace: To have the deadline extended.

Literally, it means 1. = "borrow", 2. = "decrease / disappear", 3. = "disappear", 4. = "extend". Therefore, if it is mainly related to "money", "borrowing", "payment", etc., unless otherwise specified, maybe you can imagine it as "1. loan" will be returned , "2. exemption" (payment, etc.) will be reduced or unnecessary, "3. If it is "exemption", it is not necessary (payment etc.) , and if it is "4. grace", it may be postponed (payment date etc.) , It about public money.

* In the same term, it may be possible to imagine that "lending" means lending , and "borrowing" means borrowing.


➌ Type to Protected (about public money)

Image: hands to sign the receipt with a pen.

  1. Guarantee: To have them bear debts and to fulfill their responsibilities and promises.

Literally, it means "to get it". Therefore, in the case of "security deposit", unless otherwise specified, it may be possible to imagine that (damage, etc.) can be guaranteed by money and protected, It about public money.

* In the same term, you can imagine that "security" means that you can be protected your condition (by some systems), and "compensation" means that you can get compensation (such as negligence with money), maybe.


➍ Type of political policy

Image: law dictionaries, gavels, and fountain pens.

  1. Special cases: Laws, ordinances, and regulations that are exceptionally applied in special cases.

  2. System: Rules, decision, and system.

  3. Business: Social and economic activities, actions, and approach.

Literally, it means 1. = "exceptional law", 2. = "mechanism", 3. = "approach". Therefore, if it is "1. Special case", it may be an exception law (not usual), if it is "2. System", it may be an image of the system itself , and if it is "3. Business", it may be an approach itself.

* In the same term, "measures" and "countermeasures" may be thought of as the means / methods themselves.


Other misleading terminology

Image: specialized books and glasses.

  1. Scholarships: Encouraging and encouraging scholarship and research.

  2. Sponsorship: To agree and cooperate.

  3. Salvation: To be saved and helped.

  4. Mutual aid: Helping each other.

  5. Mutual aid: Helping each other (mutual aid).

  6. Relief: Helping (getting help).

  7. Supporting: Being behind the scenes and helping (getting help).

  8. Contribution: To share money.

  9. Offering: Offering money, at the request of the government, etc.

  10. Protecting: Keep Protecting (preserving).

  11. Surplus: surplus, remaining, extra.

  12. Rebate: Undo, return.

The literal explanation is as above, but when "money" is attached to these such as "scholarship", "sponsorship", and "mutual aid", it is better to imagine the literal meaning of each in advance. After all it may be good.


Summary of the novel coronavirus countermeasure support system

Image: a statue with a mask.

After all, it is difficult to distinguish the contents of each support system only from its naming, and it seems that there is no choice but to read the details of each system. As far as I am sorry, I would like you to refer to the summary site of.

However, by re-recognizing the "government terminology" that I think "I usually use", "I know", and "I can recognize", but not so, in the future copywriting. It may be possible to make use of it (?), But I hope it is a little useful consideration (although it is unreasonable).


May as many people as possible be saved by the support system

Somehow, in terms of copywriting naming, it seems to complain that the name of each support system is confusing, but of course such a trivial matter is not a problem.

In fact, it is difficult to distinguish the content of each support system from the name of each support system, and there are various issues, but as mentioned in the previous section, such a huge amount of support system is being issued mainly by the government. And, as many people as possible can be saved by such a support system. With that in mind, the true meaning of this blog is to try to consider the naming of each support system from the perspective of a copywriter.

Regarding a series of benefits and support systems, as long as it seems sad that the issue of fraudulent receipts has been taken up in the media and the number of consultations such as "I want to withdraw my application" and "I want to refund" is increasing rapidly, but above all, with the spread of the new coronavirus infection, We hope that prompt and sufficient support will be provided to those who are suffering, and we also expect the new administration, the Suga Cabinet to take measures against corona and economic revitalization, which was launched at this time, which can be said to be a national crisis.



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