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~ Knowledge for writing that copywriters secretly teach ~

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SHU-I means purpose, thought, aim, and meaning.

I'm Kazuo Nakamura, a copy writer, have traveled across both paper and web media as an editor, including a magazine reporter, a paper publishing editor, an overseas magazine EC site entrepreneurial participation, and an e-mail magazine editor-in-chief.

Currently, I am working as a freelance copywriter, focusing on corporate projects.

It's been about 25 years since I started working in words. As a fledgling young man who had no knowledge of the words themselves, let alone copy, write, and edit, he is now working as a freelance copywriter.

Above all, it is because I have received the high-quality knowledge, that is, wisdom, taught by great ancestors such as senior editors, prominent writers, and writers.

Now that I have reached the turn of our lives, I should leave the high-quality knowledge and valuable experiences that our predecessors have taught to posterity.

If so, let's spell out the details of knowledge and experiences that I think are useful, little by little, in the form of an electric network diary, that is, a blog. I decided to do so.


After that, it may be polite to take a closer look at our career even when viewing this blog.

I have been working as a company organization for about 10 years in paper media and web media as a so-called proper person. Freelance copywriter for about 15 years. In total, I have accumulated work experience related to language for about 25 years (as of December 2019).

The main operations in each media are as follows.

Paper media represented by paper

① Research, information source, information identification, planning

(2) Appointments, visits, and requests to prominent writers and cultural figures

③ Arrangement, ordering and management of writers, designers, cameramen, etc.

④ Coverage, writing, editing, proofreading, review, fact checking

⑤ Creation of titles, leads, headings, etc. for registered manuscripts

⑥ Creating profiles of prominent authors and interview collaborators

⑦ General affairs such as sending sample magazines to related offices, thank you, deposit management, apology, etc.

⑧ So-called unit allocation management that manages the progress of articles published in the issue vertically

Engaged in work called "editing" centered on such things.

Digital media represented by the web

① Content preparation, writing, fact checking

(2) Creation of screen configurations such as elements, transitions, and wires

③ Arrangement and management of images such as photos, illustrations and logos

④ Formulation of guidelines such as tone and manners (ton mana)

⑤ Formulation of regulations such as notation and expressions

⑥ PV (page view) ・ CV (conversion) watch such as enrollment rate and purchase rate

⑦ Report on writing, marketing, etc.

⑧ So-called organization management that manages the progress of each issue horizontally by week, month, time, year

In addition to editing, he is also involved in work called "organization".

Freelance copywriter

① Target organizations: companies, government offices, foundations, associations, stores, etc.

(2) Scope: Products, services, products, campaigns, etc.

③ Target media: Web, paper, video, signage, signboards, POP, etc.

④ Branding: Corporate philosophy, vision, slogan, policy, message, etc.

⑤ Copywork: Copywriting, catch phrase, naming, writing, etc.

⑥ Information editing: concept work, information design (IA), information organization, editing, proofreading, etc.

⑦ Consulting: Content, media, social (SNS) operation supervision, etc.

⑧ Target industries: Manufacturers, IT, retail, services, transportation, media, entertainment, etc.

Engaged in work called "communication" centered on such things.


As I have experienced the above, I plan to cover the following subjects in this blog.

Category A: Copy basics
Category A "Copy basics" image: Hand, PC, Pen, and Notebook.

Copywriters who have been active mainly in corporate projects for many years are reluctant to have important basic knowledge that you need to know for copying and writing, such as manners, manners, patterns, writing methods, making methods, ways of thinking, approach methods, etc. I will publish it without any knowledge.

Category B: Copy review
Category B "Copy review" image: Multiple PCs, documents, sticky notes, tablets, coffee cups, and hands on desk.

Copywriters who have been active mainly in corporate projects for many years will explain in an easy-to-understand manner the copy and excellent and impressive expression methods such as catch phrase, tag line, slogan, body copy, lead copy. Media such as TV commercials, radio commercials, newspaper advertisements, magazine advertisements, corporate site advertisements, website banners, SNS, social media, owned media, etc. are genre-less.

Category C: Words
Category C "Words" image: Focus on the old typewriter "STORY" key.

From business words that I know I can read and write, but I can't actually use, to business words that I can't hear anymore, to easy-to-use katakana words, I've been obsessively listed for many years as a Kotoba professional. I will pick up a number of gems that can be said to be corporate secrets that have been converted and stocked.

Category D: Case study
Category D "Case study" image: A girl reaching for a pedestal on a large bookshelf.

Corporate site, special content, service site, product site, landing page (LP), e-mail newsletter operation, video commercial, narration, newspaper advertisement, book editing, booklet editing, magazine article, Akutagawa Award / Naoki Prize writer, celebrity, movie director, artist , I will secretly reveal behind the scenes of various projects that I have been involved in, such as interviews with cultural figures and appointment methods.

Category E: Work tips
Category E "Work tips" image: Black and white photos of pencils, notebooks, tablets, and USB on table.

Exhibiting the document format and approach methods submitted in proposals, presentations, orientation, etc., focusing on copywriting, concept work, brush-up, refinement, proofreading, and correction. Furthermore, from various tools such as documents, files, bookmarks, chat, communication, to the idea of ​​rough estimate calculation and the trick of business card management, the business hack-like work technique that arrived through the work of editing and copywriting is released. I will continue to do it.

Category F: Other
Category F "Other" image: Many old books opened.

I will share various useful knowledge, experiences, small stories, etc. that are not addicted to the existing categories of "copy basics", "copy review", "case examples", "work techniques", and "words". Focusing on copy work, concept work, editing, and media manners, of course, the subject matter is mainly copywriting and words. Rest assured that there is nothing to do with the useless rear-filling material that has nothing to do with copywriting knowledge, such as food, travel, and watching movies.


Focusing on the above categories, I will share various knowledge about copywriting, writing, and language, especially manners, tips, and small stories that are immediately useful in work and daily life. I will.


In publishing this blog, I will declare the following in order to control myself.

○ Purpose: Sharing useful knowledge centered on copywriting

× Exclusion: Selfish purpose / honor purpose / evaluation purpose / approval purpose

○ Target: Everyone who communicates in words


Don't be esoteric. Don't be stiff. Don't be self-righteous. Don't be proud.

In the spirit of our belief, "Every word is kind to people. Easy to read.", I will provide you with good quality knowledge about copywriting and words from this blog.

I hope that the trial of this blog will help to develop the " social activities of communication " including texts such as words, words, and sentences.

At the end. At the " M-1 Grand Prix 2019 " held at the end of 2019, which is the first year of REIWA, which attracted attention from all over Japan, I borrowed the lines issued by Mr. Taiyu Shoinji of PEKOPA and explained the purpose of the column. finish.

"Knowledge is water. Don't monopolize."



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